Updated February 2017

  • Our program follows the Long-Term Development Plan of the Canadian Soccer Association. Our goals are to meet the needs of all players and to ensure that children enjoy the game all the while, developing their abilities. The “Active Start” stage of soccer begins when children (4-6 years old) first enter the sport and learn their first kicks and movements of the game. The next “FUNdamentals” stage for young players (7-8 years old) encourages players to have fun and develop freedom with the ball.
  • Sessions will last 50 minutes during which a technical skill with a ball and an important rule of the game will be taught. A 25-minute game* against an opponent will follow.
  • The program will run for 16 weeks from the end of May to early September. Fun tournaments will be organized to enhance the game atmosphere and to encourage camaraderie between teams and players.
  • An additional practice will also be organized for certain players in the U6, U7 and U8 age groups to help form a Development Team.



My name is Matt and I’m your new Micro VP. I’ve been a volunteer with the PCASA for the past few years in various roles. I am a family man (husband and father of three) who enjoys being an active member in a great community. Being raised in a small town with dedicated volunteers, I strongly believe that our children deserve to grow up in an area that is there to support, encourage and care for them. Being part of the PCASA is my way of paying it forward; putting into action the value of giving back to our community. Cheers to a great season filled with smiles and laughter for our little ones!



My name is Nick von Roretz. I have been a member with PCASA since 2002. As a player, a coach, and a Technical Coordinator, with the club, I value the passion and integrity of the sport (soccer) everyday. I will be overseeing the Micro Program (u4-u8) this year and look forward to working with our future soccer superstars. As an elementary school teacher, I enjoy educating children when they are learning the fundamentals of new aspects and subjects. I will work with the players and coaches to ensure their experience is memorable and fun. See you on the field!


SCHEDULE 2017 (updated June 6 2017)