• When: Twice a week
  • Where: Pointe-Claire Soccer Fields
  • Duration: Beginning of June till the end of August
  • Special Event: End of year Festival (Weekend after Labor Day)


This division is for those who are under 18 years of age and want to play in a recreational league. In order to balance the teams, we will be holding a mandatory evaluation camp the first weekend in May. Teams will then be selected and put together for two exhibition games after which the teams will be rebalanced for the regular season. The Vice-President reserves the right to change players from one team to another early in the season in order to balance the teams. If insufficient players sign up, teams will play in the Youth League Local (YLL) or “Interclub”.

The Youth League Local is comprised of recreational teams from cities in the Lac St-Louis Region (e.g. DDO, Pierrefonds, Dorval, etc.). Teams are only registered in the Youth League Local if we do not have enough players to make a Pointe-Claire recreational division for that age group.  For 2017, it is expected that the U16 and U18 teams (boys and girls) will be playing in the Youth League Local.