Micro U04 to U07 

  • Our program follows the Long-Term Player Development plan of the Canadian Soccer Association. Our goals are to meet the needs of all players and to ensure that children enjoy the game all the while, developing their abilities. The “Active Start” stage of soccer begins in U04, where we focus on an active lifestyle by introducing children to soccer related games and activities to develop their gross motor skills. Then, in U05 and U06, we begin introducing “FUNdamentals” of soccer and team spirit where the players are introduced to various drills and 3v3 game format to develop their soccer abilities and skills. Lastly, in U07 and U08, we take the development one step further by focusing on mastering the “FUNdamentals” of the game with the introduction of more complex drills and a 5v5 game format, while maximizing time on the ball. The aim of the entire Micro program is to encourage the young players to enjoy the game of soccer at all levels.
  • Sessions will last 50 minutes during which a technical skill with a ball and an important rule of the game will be taught. A 20-minute game against an opponent will follow (except for U04, who are not divided into teams).
  • For the U04 groups, 1 parent is required accompany each child onto the field.
  • The entire program will run from the end of May until the end of August or early September. Fun tournaments will be organized to enhance the game atmosphere and to encourage camaraderie between teams and players.


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