Soccer Quebec – 9 to 12 year olds: 15 Tip Sheets for a better development


Our program follows the long-term player development plan (LTPD) of the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA). Our goals are to meet the needs of all the club’s players in learning the sport and to ensure that they enjoy the game all the while, developing their abilities. The CDC, “Centre de Développement de Club”, is a training program focusing on the individual development of the players through different drills, exercises and games.


  • Practices:
    • May to end of September: 2 sessions on artificial turf (U11-U12: +1 session)
    • No practices during the construction holiday
  • Matches:
    • Beginning of May to mid-September: on weekends


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Expectations for players and parents 

In order to achieve the objectives of the program, we have the following expectations for players and parents.

1. Dress code

Players will be asked to wear their red practice jersey to all practices. The jersey is part of the competitive kit purchased prior to the start of the season. Shorts and socks must be worn (pants allowed in cold weather only).

Players may also be asked to purchase the Pointe-Claire team apparel: track jacket, track pants and backpack

2. Attendance

We expect players to attend practices and that parents indicate their availabilities in the team management tool used by each group if they were to miss a session. Also, parents are responsible to enter availabilities for the matches in the team management tool. Failure to do so may result in the player being ineligible to participate in the games.

Players must be present 15 minutes prior to practice start time, and 30 minutes prior to game start time.

Extra fees will be collected for the group budget (said budget to be established by the group manager and/or coach and approved by the majority of the parents) to cover the following costs: Participation in friendly matches, festivals and tournaments, team management software, etc.).


Player Identification

Player identification is a process that allows us to build a bigger roster of players for the future while keeping the focus on the individual players and their long-term development. Within the new club structure, the CSA is recommending that we eliminate tryouts and that the development sessions (CDC) be made available to all players demonstrating a willingness to play at the development level. The players interested must show high levels of commitment, motivation, desire to learn and improve. This approach will allow players and coaches the time and freedom to develop without the pressure of competition and selection.


Technical Content

In the CDC, practices will be carried-out through stations to maximize the players development by working on different elements of their game. The players could be placed in different ability groups each week to keep them motivated and challenged while developing at their own speed and level. Each practice will focus on four main areas of the child’s development: technical-tactical, physical, mental and psycho-social. Throughout the practice, the players will rotate through different drills and exercises and they will be coached and/or supervised by the club’s technical staff and volunteer coaches.


Game Day Roster

Players will be registered within the CDC program as a Pointe-Claire development player. These players will be eligible to be placed on different game rosters each week depending on their level of commitment, ability and/or other varying factors determined by the club and/or the league (such as physical maturity, date of birth, etc.). This will allow for appropriate and healthy competition on a weekly basis.


  • Practices
    • Mid-May to End-August: 1 session/week
    • No practices during the construction holiday
  • Matches:
      • End-May to End-August: 1 game/week


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This category is for those who are U9 to U12 and want to play in a more recreational league. In order to balance the teams, we will hold a mandatory evaluation camp in April or May.  Teams will then be selected and put together for two exhibition games after which the teams will be re-balanced for the regular season. The Coordinator reserves the right to change players from one team to another early in the season in order to balance the teams.

If we have enough registered players to make up 4 teams in the U9/U10 category we will form our own Pointe-Claire league.  All other age categories play in the Youth League Local (YLL) or “Interclub”.  The Youth League Local is comprised of nearby recreational teams from cities in the Lac St-Louis Region (e.g. DDO, Pierrefonds, Dorval, Lachine, etc.).

Coaches/assistant coaches/managers:  The Youth Recreational Program could not work without the precious help of our volunteers.  We are always looking for coaches/assistant coaches/managers. Please email the Youth Recreational Coordinator if you think you can help.


Players are expected to attend practices and parents are expected to notify the coaches/manager if they miss a practice.

Players must be present 15 minutes prior to practice start time, and 30 minutes prior to game start time.