Club Coaching Education Center


The SPC CTC is a training program for our educators

  • Program offered annually to all Soccer Pointe-Claire educators
  • CTC offers theory and practical training
  • Taken care of by the Assistant Sporting Director Vince Gidari
  • No cost associated with this program for our educators


CTC 2022 Spring/Summer/Fall Schedule (10h30-12h00)

May 29 2022 Soccer de base S1 (REC – CDC) Practical @TC1B
June 17 2022 (19h30) Practice session (CDC) Practical @TC3A
July 10 2022 The role of an educator in a game (All) Practical  @TC3A
August 14 2022 Player and goalkeeper development (13+) Theory/Practical @TC3A + Conf. Room
September 3 2022 S3 course (All) Theory/Practical @TC2
October 15 2022 Practice session (CDC) Theory/Practical @TC3A + Conf. Room
November 26 2022 Introduction to futsal (All) Practical @Gym TBC