Youth Competitive divisions:

  • AAA – U18 teams playing in Provincial LSEQ league
  • LDP – U14 to U17 teams playing in a Provincial league (formerly AAA)
  • LDP (LDIR 1) – U13 teams playing in an Inter-Regional league (formerly AAA)
  • LDIR – U13 to U18 teams playing in an Inter-Regional league (formerly AA)
  • LDR – U13 to U18 teams playing in Regional league (formerly A)


Each of our Youth Competitive teams play within one of the above mentioned leagues and according to their published rules.

The mission of Soccer Pointe-Claire is to develop well-balanced, successful student athletes in a positive, encouraging environment that gives them the opportunity to participate with other athletes that have similar goals and capabilities.

For more information specific to any of our Youth Competitive teams, please contact Grant ( or Vince (


  • F13 LDR
  • F14 LDP
  • F14 LDR
  • F15 LDP
  • F15 LDIR
  • F16 LDP
  • F17 LDIR


  • M13 LDP (LDIR1)
  • M13 LDIR
  • M13 LDR
  • M14 LDP
  • M14 LDIR
  • M15 LDIR
  • M16 LDP
  • M16 LDIR
  • M16 LDR
  • M17 LDR
  • M18 LDIR